Nov 22

Google Offers USA – Get 2 Months Gym Membership at YMCA Cambridge 2013

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Train, strengthen and relax your muscles. The Cambridge YMCA is a family-friendly institution of physical fitness. The gym offers a range of physical exercises including Yoga classes, cardio exercises, weight training, swimming and boxing workouts. The fitness house offers a flexible schedule to every attendee. Whether you work during the day or at night, the YMCA Cambridge gym will give you room outside of your work-hours to exercise your muscles. Members have access to high quality training machines and aids. You will also get a chance to meet like-minded people.
77% Price off.
Original Price $110
Discounted Price $25 (2 months membership)
Offer valid from 21 November 2012 to 23 May 2013
Get the voucher from Google.
Redeem the offer at Cambymca.org (Locate their physical address in your area)

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