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Add External Email to Your Gmail Account and Reply From Another Address [SMTP / POP3 Mail] – Connect To Server

Gmail – Add and Send Mail from Another Email Address

If you have your own webhosting account where your email accounts and domains are hosted, for example info@hillaryclinton.com or admin@donaldtrump.com  you can set up your accounts with Gmail so that any mail that is sent to these email addresses is accessed on your Gmail inbox.

When you purchase a webhosting plan, the company will give you the login details to your server or CPanel (Control Panel). Webservers that run on Linux Apache are the most common ones but there are other types of servers.

Setting Up

Before you set up Gmail with your webhosting account, you must log into your Cpanel to create POP3 email accounts for your domains. Gmail works with POP3 mail accounts, so make sure that your server supports POP3 mail accounts. The procedure for creating a POP email account in your webserver is not complicated at all but it’s very simple.

How to Create POP3 Email account

  • Log into your server CPanel
  • Go to Email services
  • Click the icon “Email Accounts
  • Select your Domain
  • Enter a username for your EMAIL and password .Click “Create Account
CPanel Email Services

Go to CPanel Email Services and Click “Email Accounts”

Create POP Email

Create POP Email – username@domain.com


So assuming that you already have domains or addon domains added on your Cpanel, which are resolving / pointing to your server, your POP3 email accounts should be ready to use.

Your next step is forwarding your POP3 email account to your Gmail address. Let’s say your POP3 email address is myself@president.com  and your Gmail address is myself@gmail.com

You should forward myself@president.com to myself@gmail.com. This is done in your webserver.


How to Forward POP3 Email to Gmail

  • In your CPanel, go to Email services
  • Click the icon “Forwarders
  • Click “Add Forwarder
  • Enter a username for your POP email address
  • Enter your Gmail address under Destination
Step 1 - Forwarding POP Mail

Step 1 – Click Add Forwarder


Step 2 - Forward POP to Gmail

Step 2 – Enter Username@ and Destination Address


Adding POP account to Gmail

Now that you have set up everything on the server side (creating POP mail and forwarding to Gmail), your next step is adding your POP email to your Gmail account. Log into your Gmail account, go to Settings. Under Settings, click Accounts and Import on the top menu. Go to the section “Check mail from other accounts” and click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”. When you click the link, a box shown below will pop up. You have to fill in the required details. You can also add your POP email from “Send Mail As” section by clicking “Add Another Email Address You Own”. Now this is the part which presents a lot of issues for most people, so you must pay attention when you arrive at this step.

Go To Settings > Accounts and Import > Check Mail From other Accounts > Add a POP3 Mail Account

Go To Settings > Accounts and Import > Check Mail From other Accounts > Add a POP3 Mail Account


Add a POP3 Mail Account

Add a POP3 Mail Account


Step 2

Step 2


Step 3

Step 3



Step 4


Step 5

Step 5

Connecting to Server

A lot of people will attempt to use the default settings which are shown in the pop-up box i.e. the username and POP server details, but this is a wrong approach which can cause errors and prevent you from adding your email account. Webservers and web-hosting accounts are configured differently, so the default settings on your Gmail window might not work. You have to get the correct settings from your webhost. Ask your webhosting company to give you details for setting up a POP3 mail account with an external email service. This includes the username and server name.

Attempting to connect directly with your POP mail account username and password might not work because some webhosts don’t allow it or the connection might be blocked. Some webhosts will only allow you to connect with your CPanel password for security purposes. So if your POP account details are giving you errors, you should try to use your Cpanel details or else ask your webhost.

When you add a new external email address to your Gmail account, Gmail will ask you to confirm your request. A confirmation code is sent to your external email. Log into your webmail on your server and click the confirmation link. If your external email is set up to forward to your Gmail account, log into your Gmail account to access the confirmation code. Copy the code and paste it on the window as shown below, and click Verify.

A Confirmation Code and Link is sent to your POP email account

A Confirmation Code and Link is sent to your POP email account

Step 5

Enter the Confirmation Code as shown above and click Verify


Gmail can connect using Port 587 and 110


Reply From Another Email Address or As Another Account

After adding your POP email address on your Gmail account and connecting to your server, you are now ready to send or reply messages within your Gmail inbox from another email address. This is your POP email address (es) that you added on your Gmail account. In order for you to reply emails as another account, you have to select the option in your Gmail settings. Go to Settings >> Accounts and Import >> “Send Mail As” and select “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”

Now when you compose email or when you reply messages in your inbox, you will realize that there is a small arrow in the “From” field just above the Subject heading. Click the arrow to select an email address from the drop-down list. Select the address you wan’t to reply from. Write your message and send your email.  When your contact receives and opens the email, he or she will see the address you replied from, not your default address.

Reply From Another Email

Reply From Another Email – GMAIL




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