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About Us

We are developers of computer software and web applications for different platforms.

A useful computer, laptop or tablet has an operating system that comes pre-installed with the device to launch a wide range of computer software and applications. A computer without an operating system is like a fish with no pond. A computer without software is like a writer with no pen and paper, an architect with no drawing board or a plumber with no toolbox.

Computer OS

Operating systems to run software include the popular Windows Operating System and Macintosh OS X.

Mobile OS

Mobile platforms to run third party applications include Apple IOS, Android and Windows. These platforms have app stores, the Apple store, Google Play and Windows App store respectively, where users can find useful apps and games to install on their mobile phones.

The most popular smartphones are the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone which support apps from their respective stores. Tablets like the iPad, Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab) and the Microsoft Surface Tablet can also support apps from their app stores.

Social Network Platforms

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut and MySpace have their own platforms to experience a wide range of applications by third party developers.

Email Services

Email services like Gmail / Google and Yahoo Mail offer a platform for third party developers to create a wide range of applications. These applications allow you to customize your email service to your personal needs. You can use Gmail with a wide range of apps that can sync with your email, send notifications ,schedule your tasks, manage your account and absolve you from tedious tasks that can be prove to be a hassle. Third party apps use a secure Google authentication system from the Google API to give you a safer and happy experience.

We develop third party web applications for Google and Android. We also like to blog about Gmail and solve Gmail user problems.

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Email – tunnelbook@gmail.com

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We are here to share our experience with Gmail.We strive to provide original informative content in the form of reviews,tips and solutions.In their day-to-day experience,Gmail users may encounter issues such as login problems or they may have questions such as how to use Gmail features,where to find a certain feature,how to stop or activate a Gmail feature,how to use a new Gmail feature etc.Our aim is to provide solutions using a step-by-step approach that is both concise and easy to understand.We hope that any Gmail user who lands on this blog should get some valuable information and answers to their problems.We strive to keep up with latest trends in this industry and to keep you informed. We are not the representatives of Google or any website, organization, name or link that is stated in this website, and any opinions or statements made on this site do not necessarily represent the opinion of the original source website. Thanks for your support and enjoy this website.

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