Apr 12

Chromecast – Stream Internet Videos to your HDTV with Google Chrome Cast

Google Inc. has launched a new device that allows you to stream online videos to your HD Television at home. The Chromecast is a stick or dongle that you can connect to your HDTV via the HDMI port. To begin watching online videos on your Television, simply run the Chromecast app on your computer, notebook, …

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Aug 27

Google Plans for Free Internet in Remote Areas – Project Loon

Project Loon also known as Google Loon or Google Balloon Internet is an experimental project run by Google Inc. with the aim of delivering internet access to remote areas. The project makes use of wind-steered balloons floating in the stratosphere at 25 km above sea level. These balloons are scattered in the air and spaced …

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Aug 26

Facebook Plans for Free Internet – Project Internet.org

Internet.org is Mark Zuckererg’s initiative to provide free internet access to people in the third world and developing countries. It is a project to get everybody on the internet with little or no cost. Launched on 20 August 2013, internet.org was founded by seven companies – Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Opera, Ericsson, MediaTek and QUALCOMM. As …

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Aug 11

Legal Forms: How to File for Bankruptcy without Using a Paid Lawyer

    Bankruptcy is usually a last resort, a legal route for people who want to relieve their debt. The cost of living or running a business can be very high and that is the reason why most people find themselves at the verge of bankruptcy. This article looks at all possible solutions to avoid …

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