Nov 22

Google Offers USA – Learn Digital Photography – Lifetime Membership 2013

Do you like digital photography and do you wish to be an expert in this hobby? Ambiance Digital is a school of photography where you learn the techniques of photo editing and the fine art of photography. It’s your chance to get high quality lessons in Adobe Photoshop at the lowest fees ever. Learning is …

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Nov 19

Google Offers USA – Famous Perfume and Fragrances 2013

Fragrances The smell of roses and wild flowers. What comes to your mind when you smell perfume? To some it brings memories of romance, love and sex. To some, the smell of perfume is paradise and happiness. The smell of perfume triggers care and a kind heart. Perfume pacifies the emotions. It calms the mind. …

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Nov 14

Google Offers USA – Dinner for Two at Todd English Olives 2013

Todd English’s Olives is a well known eatery that serves some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine in the world. Bring along somebody with you, and Todd English, the world famous chef will charm your taste buds with a three-course dinner that consists of two entrees, an appetizer and a dessert. The restaurant is a four-times …

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Nov 13

Google Offers USA – Christmas Letter from Santa Claus 2012

Christmas is around the corner, Get a personalized letter from Santa Claus for your child. There is nothing exciting like receiving a unique letter from the kid’s favorite character. Millions of kids around the world get letters from the North Pole towards Christmas each year, and every one of those letters has a unique Christmas …

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Nov 06

How to Save Internet with Google Mobile Browser on your Computer

Use Google Mobile Browser on your PC and save internet  Google Search has a full version as well as a mobile version of its home page. The mobile version is an html version that does not use a lot of bandwidth. Have you ever found yourself trying to save your internet bandwidth? When you browse …

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Jun 25

Get a Kindle Email Address with the Kindle eReader

  Why You Should Buy the Kindle and Get a Kindle Email Address The Kindle is an ebook reader made by Amazon. It provides better readability for long documents than any known android tablet or ipad. It allows you to open, view, read and download long electronic documents anywhere in the world. All your electronic …

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