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Google Offers USA – Fun Educational Materials and Programs for Kids by Twin Sisters Productions 2013

Deceive and trick your kid into learning! Yes, you can make learning exciting for your kid. Twin Sisters Productions is a child education company that strives to fuse the learning process with entertainment. One of their most popular programs is the audio educational program that has won awards for its kindergarten music which is oriented towards kids who are just beginning nursery and elementary school.
Their creative educational tools which are designed to engage kids include flashcards, rhyme / song books, puzzles, audio by favorite child characters (e.g. Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, Anime). During the holidays, it helps to set the mood for learning for your kid. Education disguised in the form of entertainment and fun can help your kid enjoy reading, spelling and doing basic maths calculations. All the while, your kid will think she is playing while she is actually sharpening her basic skills.
50% price off
Original price: $30
Discounted price: $15
Offer valid from 20 November 2012 to 18 May 2013
Obtain Google voucher.
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