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How To Book a Flight with Google – USA and Canada Only

Google Flights is a web application that allows you to search for flights in the USA and Canada. It is not yet available to other countries. With this Google web app, you can find the cheapest flight to your destination in each of the 50 states in the USA. All you have to do is compare the prices between the different airlines on your chosen date of departure. You can do this by clicking the bar graph icon at the top right hand corner of the menu (Lowest Fares). Enter your departure point and destination point (One Way or Round Trip), including your preferred date of departure. Move your mouse cursor across the bar graph between the price and date ranges. The bar will show you the available flights and the price of the airline tickets on this date. If you are satisfied with the price on the bar, click the bar, and you will be taken to the flight schedule that matches your price and date of departure. Click the price tag on your preferred airline (e.g.$331 for Delta Airlines) and click the “book flight” button. Enter your booking details. That’s all, you can sit back in peace knowing that you are ready to fly.

Step 1 – Move Mouse Across Bars
Step 2 – Choose Your Flight
What makes the Flights app efficient is that it is integrated with Google Maps, and flight schedules from popular airlines which are updated in real time. With this flight app, you have an option of searching your flight needs individually or in combined format. The bar graph will give you combined information about the prices, airlines, flight dates, stop-overs and duration. It will save you time because it gives you all the essential data and choices you need for travel booking. It is a snappy tool that shows you all the choices just by moving a marker on the graph.
If you think about it, the Google Flight Finder is quicker than most tools used by travel agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.On these travel agencies, you have to find the right flight offer by doing filtered searches. This requires you to repeat a search using filters for different price ranges, stops and durations. This can be a tedious job and boring experience for the time-conscious internet user. The innovative team at Google has made flight search exciting and interesting.