How to Make Gmail Sign In – Enable & Disable Google Mail Auto Sign In

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To log into Google Mail you must first sign up for a Gmail account. When you are creating your account, you should remember your password and username. This should be handy because you cannot log in if you have forgotten your password.

Go to your web browser, for example, Firefox Mozilla 6.Search for the keyword [Welcome to Gmail] by typing this keyword in the Google Search Bar.

Go to the first result on this page and you must make sure the website is

Click the website link and you will see the following page:

Click the [Sign in Here] link just below the blue button on your right under the words “Already have a Gmail Account” and you will see the following page: This is the login page for Gmail.

You should see a sign in box on the right hand side. Type in your username (This is the Gmail address that you registered).Type in your password (You should always remember this).Click [Sign In] and you should be able to log in your Gmail account. When the login is successful you should see the following page. If Gmail is too slow, you should click the blue link [Load Basic HTML] for slow connections. With this option, the page will load much quicker but you will not be able to use the richer features that are only available in the standard view. That’s all. You can now enjoy your email.

Have You Forgotten Your Gmail Password?

If you cannot remember your password or if you have entered the wrong password, then do not be worried. You can recover your password by clicking the [Can’t Access Your Account?] link on the sign in page. On clicking this link, you should see the following page: Enter your Gmail address in the box and click [Submit].The password will be sent your email address and you should follow the steps to recover your account. You can also use a secondary email that you used to register your Gmail account to recover your password. For example if you used to register your Gmail account, then you use this email to recover your login details.

Have You Forgotten Your Gmail Username?

Simply click the [Forgot your username?] link and you will be directed to the following page: Enter your e-mail address that you registered with Gmail and click [Submit].The username will be sent to this e-mail to recover your account. Follow the instructions.

Log Into Gmail Automatically

To sign into Gmail automatically, you should tick the [Stay Signed In] option on the login page. The next time you want to check your email, you will not be prompted to enter your password but you will be taken straight to your Gmail user interface and you can begin reading your emails.

The Firefox web browser has a feature that allows you to save passwords for websites that require you to login. If you are logging into Gmail for the first time, a message box will pop up on the top left hand side of your Firefox menu – [Remember password for “Gmail” on] Select [Remember Password] as you are logging in and Firefox will remember your password for all future sessions and you will be signed in automatically.

How to Disable Automatic Gmail Sign In

You can stop Gmail from signing in automatically by unticking the [Stay Signed In] option as you log in. When you session is over, the next time you try to log in you will be prompted to enter your password and username. To completely stop the Gmail auto sign in, you should make sure that your Firefox web browser is set not to remember your password. When the message box pops up, you should choose [Never remember password for this website] from the drop down menu. Firefox will not remember your password and you will be asked to supply it the next time you want to access your email. You can completely delete your Gmail password from Firefox. Go to [Tools] on the Firefox menu. Select [Options] and go to [Security].This is the sixth tab on the Options menu. Click [Saved Passwords] and a small window that contains a list of all the saved passwords will pop up. Look for and your Gmail username among the list. Select your username and click [Remove].The next time you go to Google Mail, Firefox will fail to auto log you into your account because it doesn’t have your password LOL.

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